• Dr Cameron Schauer
    Gastroenterologist and Advanced Endoscopist

I am a Specialist Gastroenterologist, aiming to provide the best all-round care for my patients. This site is designed to be patient focused – a collection of information that is written by me - for you. This site is based on the premise that the more you know and understand, the more likely we will be able to successfully treat your condition.


This is a short video of what we might see during a normal colonoscopy. 


This is a short video of what we might see during a normal gastroscopy.


See what polyps look like and how we can remove them from the colon.


Learn more about gut health:



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I am performing endoscopy at Waitemata Endoscopy.

Celebrating 10 years of providing the most comprehensive private endoscopy services to the Shore, North and West.

Waitemata Endoscopy is a purpose built private endscopy suite offering access to a group of surgeons and gastroenterologists working together at Southern Cross Hospital North Harbour. We offer diagnostic and therapeutic gastroscopy / colonoscopy and accept direct GP referrals, either to the group, or to an individual specialist.